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Experience climbing in its purest form with our top-rope and lead climbing routes. Varied in difficulty, they cater equally to beginners taking their first vertical steps and pros seeking new challenges. Lead the ascent, or rely on our robust top-rope setup - you're safe in our walls


For those who prefer raw, unroped climbing, we offer extensive bouldering areas. Our creative, frequently rotated routes cater to all levels. Challenging and fun, they invite you on a climbing journey that requires strength, balance, and planning.

Human Of ARCH

We are Arch, a lively mix of adventurers just like you. More than a climbing center, Arch is a family. From friendly faces at the desk to our expert and reliable belayers, we’re here to help you climb higher and safer.

Watch this space as we share our team’s stories, revealing the people who make your climbing experience at Arch exceptional.

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