About Us


Since swinging our doors open in 2021, Arch has established a forefront position in the pulse of Hanoi’s active lifestyle scene. Passionately serving the community, we are a premier climbing destination offering both top rope and lead climbing – a unique offering in Hanoi.

We’re not just about climbing walls; we’re about breaking barriers and scaling new personal peaks. Anchored in our deep passion for climbing, we strive to share the multifaceted rewards it brings – it’s a blend of physical challenge, mental toughness, stress relief, and a buzzing social network!

At Arch, we create an inviting space where climbers of all levels can challenge their boundaries while feeling safe to explore. Our team’s dedication in continuously innovating exciting routes provides an ever-fresh climbing experience bolstering personal growth and camaraderie.

Join us on this upward journey and discover the Arch experience like no other!

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